If card games are your passion Stravaganza might be the ideal for you.
stravaganza-table.png The game is related to cumulative point values just like in Blackjack. The game is conducted with five decks, and the object is to earn a point total greater than the dealer.
Although the game is not so common online, we have managed to find a few versions so you can practice for free.
Also in the next part of the guide you can learn the rules, view betting options and similar. Enjoy!



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To start the game, you need to know the rules and card ranking. Picture cards have a value of 10 points, Aces are 1 and all the other cards are at face value. Unlike Blackjack, in Stravaganza you cannot "bust" (situation when you go beyond 21). The more points you gain, the better. Additionally, this is a progressive jackpot game, where one's winnings can be extremely large.

Betting options:

  • Money Back - When the value of your cards amount to five or under, you may have your total bet returned to you and the round completed.
  • Rescue Bet - When the sum of your cards is between six and nine, you can get half of your stake back and end the end the hand.
  • Sit - When your cards total is more than 10, you can "Sit" and play your pair of cards on your original bet.
  • Play On - Regardless of the total value of the first two cards you drew if you "Play On", the additional bet equal to your initial bet is placed automatically. You then receive a third card and hope to raise your point total as much as possible.

Following your move, the dealer exposes its hand. When the House's total point value exceeds yours, you lose all your bets. When your total is more than the dealer's, you are declared the winner!

One exception in Stravaganza is when the House's hand contains a red Ace of hearts or diamonds. Your original bet is lost and your second is a push (it goes back to you), irrespective of the total card value of your hand.

Another feature of this casino game is possible bonus payout. Sizable bonuses are additionally paid on different poker-like hands. A Three-of-a-Kind, for instance, pays three to one on your first bet, and all face cards pay 1.5:1 on your first wager.

As we already mentioned in this game players can also capitalise on progressive jackpots by placing side wagers. Anytime you get a winning card combination (in accordance with the pay table), you are declared the winner and are awarded part of the jackpot. Get 3 Kings of hearts and the entire jackpot is yours!

Enjoy playing online Stravaganza and good luck!