Online progressive jackpot games

You'll find progressives in both land-based and online casinos as a type of games that boast the biggest jackpots, very often eye-watering sums that you really could retire on! Instant millionaires have genuinely been created by winning in the casino on jackpot games, creating a powerful mystique around them that lures numerous players to try hit them. 3 jackpots

Every gambler dreams of making that one big win, and when it comes to winning large sums for a small investment of time and funds, nothing has more potential to give you that life turning jackpot than progressive games. No longer you are limited to winning a few hundred coins that come out of the hopper but there is a potential to win millions of pounds. As a matter of fact, the one of the biggest slot wins ever was worth £13.2m and was hit on the Mega Moolah game. To make things even better, with the incredible growth of online gambling, we are now seeing this type of progressive jackpots in casino regularly go with 6 figure amounts.

In the boxes below we are presenting you these tasty online progressive slots, but also a link to a review of recommended online casinos where you can play them and try to hit some crazy amount of money.

King Cashalot
Software: Microgaming
Mega Moolah
Software: Microgaming
Gladiator Jackpot
Software: Playtech
Dark Knight
Software: Microgaming
Mega Fortune
Software: Netent
Gold Rally
Software: Playtech
Tiki wonders
Software: Netent
Jackpot Piรฑatas
Software: RTG
Super Lucky Frog
Software: Netent
Arabian Nights
Software: Netent
Cleopatras Gold
Software: RTG
Hall of Gods
Software: Netent

So what exactly are progressives? The answer is pretty straight forward. Progressive slots are a series of machines linked together in a network to create a large pooled jackpot. They have a starting value that gets larger with each coin played. Every time a player puts money into a progressive jackpot machine and spin the reel, a portion of that money goes into the jackpot. Each has a base amount, and after it is won, the machine is reset to the base value. It is safe to say the odds of actually winning a million pound online on this games are about the same as winning the lottery, but gamblers still love to play the progressive machines. When we play with a reasonable pre-determined limit of cash, we can have a great deal of enjoyment in pursuit of that dream jackpot.
There are few differences between online progressive slots and land-based ones that can be found on red carpets of Las Vegas casinos like Caesars. Of course, to play online, one does not have to pay a plane fare or hotel bills so there it is a much smaller initial investment, but of course, playing with a live dealer is still more exclusive. At least for us. Anyway, many gamblers who like to play progressives, play online most of the time and save the ones at land based casinos for vacations. After all, there is nothing illegal with winning a six-figure online from the comfort of home.

Some of the internet based casinos link all of the slots in one big progressive prize while some offer several different games. Some groups even have casino slot jackpots that are linked to dozens of machines in several of the online casinos in their group. Playing requires full attention and an awareness of the rules of the game in question. Players should always make time to read the terms of the progressive slot they are planning to play as every game has certain restrictions when it comes to winning the maximum jackpot.
Generally speaking, the gambler has to play the maximum amount of coins on each spin to win the top prize. However, anyone can win a part of the jackpot, no matter how much they bet. But if you are hoping for that life changing 7 figure amount, be prepared to wager the maximum amount of coins for each and every spin.


  • Individual โ€“ An individual progressive game is totally self-contained. The entire amount comes from that one machine. Usually, the jackpots on these slot machines are far lower than the other types.
  • Linked โ€“ Linked progressives are groups of machines that are networked together to create one common casino jackpot within one casino. These jackpots have the potential to grow to large amounts.
  • Multi-location โ€“ These are the machines from which a gambler can win a life-changing prize. They can be linked between hundreds of slots in many different casinos owned by one gaming group or progressive network. Both land-based and online operators offer multi-location progressives. The chance of winning one of these huge jackpots in casino is like winning the state lottery but we all are still keep dreaming and trying to win.

You have probably heard all kinds of stories about the best way to win, but there are no rules for winning at progressive slots other than that you always have to bet the full number of coins on each spin. The other obvious thing a player always wants to do is to check the jackpot before starting. One wants to play the game offering the largest amount, not the one that paid off recently. Beside this, there are no other real strategies that we can adopt.
As the game is all about luck, all powerful RNG controls the game. Just like regular single spin slots, progressive ones are run by an RNG that randomly selects what will appear when the spin stops. The payout percentages are also governed by pre-set minimums that are determined by the licensing jurisdiction. So if you play online and an organization like eCogra approved the casino, you will be able to access monthly payout percentages for the slots and all the different games the casino offers.

One of the interesting things that some gamblers will tell you that there are certain amounts of time one has to play to have a chance to win at progressive games. A particular rumor is that many jackpots are won in the first few minutes of playing and this is probably a misunderstanding of what may actually be happening. Often players will win after just a few minutes because they happened to walk up to a machine that was just vacated by another gambler. Many will give up on a machine if they don't win quickly and then another player comes along and wins on that machine after just a few minutes, thus creating the false impression of a quick win. The only real strategy or rule for playing progressives other than to bet the maximum to win the maximum is to play with a same predetermined limit and to know when to stop. One should not be willing to risk the rent money to try to win that mega jackpot. Just like any other game, one must play with limits and self-control.

Well, that is all about playing on progressive machines and for the end a two small tips from Casinos Explorer editors:

  1. Progressive slot games should be a relaxing time for players where you risk a small part of your total gambling budget.
  2. Play for fun and enjoyment first and if the luck lady is smiling, maybe you will win a dream jackpot too.

About jackpot hunting

An average slots player is just going to sit down and start playing without thinking about what he is doing. And this includes playing for progressive jackpots since it is pretty common to not look too deeply into the subject. In fact, most players just look for the biggest jackpot and start betting money.
However, there is a much more skilled way to determine what slots you will play for and it involves progressive jackpot hunting. The process of jackpot hunting is pretty easy really because you just need to search for large jackpots that haven't been hit in a while. The reason for doing so is because you want to shift the advantage towards you when trying to win. If you are unclear as to why you gain an advantage when big jackpots haven't been won for a while, here is a quick explanation.
In the beginning, the house keeps a huge edge and makes like of money as people pump money into the jackpot pool. And the longer that the jackpot goes unclaimed, the more value your spin costs give you. So instead of spending £5 a spin to hit a £1 million prize, you are spending £5 a turn to hit a £5 million jackpot. Obviously, casino jackpots this big aren't easy to win, but the point is that you need to hunt for the progressives that provide the most value.
The best way to do this is by keeping an eye on the different online progressive jackpots, and then going for the ones that haven't been claimed in a long time.

Our final piece of advice is to read a review for a site that offer a particular progressive game you are interested. The reason we are suggesting this is because in the review you will find a full list of games it offers. So in addition to fruit machines and roulette wheel some of them also feature progressive blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker. Additional things to check in depth are bonuses and other promotions. Don't be lazy! Spend few minutes on reading before making the initial deposit and start your treasure hunt.