Effective tips for players of online slots

There are many delusions and superstitions hovering around slot machines. Luck plays an outstanding role in winning, but people should at least learn more of strategies and skills and not entirely be dependent on luck alone. tips-and-strategy-for-slots.png Hitting a jackpot seems to be a herculean task but there are ways to open up your chances and not getting your bankroll bankrupt. To maximise you chances of winning at online slots you need to have a strategy.

Many casino players make the illusion of thinking they don't need one and let many opportunities of winning the cash pass by. Don't be one of them.
The tips below are fundamental for every level of expertise at this casino games and will surely help you on your way to playing successfully.

  • Understanding the game

    A player should spend an enormous amount of time to learn these games before placing a bet. Patience plays a role and never rush to play because you will join the league of heavy losers. It is better to try the game in free mode to gain some confidence and morale before playing for real.

  • Join player communities

    You should sign up for some forum where experienced players discuss the slots tips and better strategies that can bring a win more often. Also, if possible, you should sign up for a newsletter to be receiving updates on what is happening in the slot gaming industry. Freebies such are free spins are pretty common and you will receive a promo offer in the mailbox more often than you think.

  • Budget mapping

    It is far better to map out your budget and try to play according to your budget, whether daily or monthly. Before start playing in an online or local casino, tell yourself that if you lose, you'll leave and not stay any longer just to cover the losses.

  • Payout rates

    Even a short analysis of your preferred slot games can give you insight in which one offers the high payout rates, also known as a hold or a payout percentage. In the online world you can expect payout rates up to 99% while in land based machines that amount is few percent lower. In many jurisdictions, the casino regulators set a minimum payout rate that is acceptable for slots. For example, some countries demand that slots must have a return to player rate of at least 75% while in some the minimum is over 80%. Generally speaking, online games have better payout rates than at brick and mortar operations. If you cannot find the payout rate for a particular game anywhere on the website, don't be afraid to ask. If you contact the support staff and ask for more information, they should be willing to help.
    payout-rates-for-video-slots.png The best example of a casino that list payout rates is Video Slots where you can even filter payout rate for a game by month, all time average and similar. Please remember that you'll never find a machine with a 100% payout rate.
    Even at a single casino, there will be different odds for different slots. In order to generate excitement casinos will have loose machines, which have higher than average payout rates, and tight machines, where payout is often less than the average. Players see that loose games payout is at a high rate and then are motivated to hit the slots. While the technique of using loose and tight machines is more common at brick and mortar casinos, it is done online as well.
    Once again, before you play, it is wise to find the payout rates for the slots and play those that have the best odds.

  • Practice comes first

    Before you try a new game with real money, give it a spin while in a practice mode. Trying new machines gives you a chance to learn the ropes and understand the bonus games. As these games have a lot of features, it can take a little getting used to. Many sites offer newcomers the ability to play games using the fun money, so you must try out your hands, gain experience, and enjoy without shelling out real money.

  • Play within your bankroll

    Choose an amount or a time limit and stick with it. The fastest way to end your playing fun is to gamble money you didn't plan on spending. Consider the money you set aside to play slots as an entertainment expense and pretend like it's gone. Any wins you get are just extra gravy.

  • Use sign up bonuses to your advantage

    Bonuses are a reward given to you for playing at that site, so take full advantage of them. Bonuses are free money and they can easily turn a losing session into a winning session or a winning session into an even bigger winning session. Just check the bonus terms and conditions, look up for the biggest sign-up bonus you can get and then just go from there.

  • Bonus games

    Study all the bonus rounds that are offered by the machines. Such round is a separate game where your bet is made with part or all of your winnings. Although the bonus rounds give a greater chance to win more, of course, the chances are that you lose what you have won. Accepting them does not change your chances of win or loss, but your balance may fluctuate more.
    This feature allows you to bet to double or quadruple your current winnings. The casinos normally take their percentage payout from your main bet only and this means that the bonus features are designed to have a payout percentage of 100%. This basically means that if there are two options (red or black for example), then there will be exactly 50% chance of each occurring. You win double your money if you pick the correct one, and because the house does not take any percentage on these, it means you and them have the same chance of making money from it. This is why one of our tips is to make the most of these bonus features and always gamble your winnings on them when you can.

  • Avoid systems

    Avoid special systems and don't waste your coins on them because they can't help you to beat this type of games. Casinos have an advantage built into every single game, and there's nothing you can do to change it. Numerous of sessions are played every day, and in the current computer era with advanced statistical programs, there is no chance for overload payouts by the casino. In other words, there is no way to use some program to trace these games, find loopholes and produce some system to earn money from slots.

  • Maximum bet is the best

    You'll want to check the pay table for each machine before you go around betting the max, but slot machines usually offers increased payouts to players who bet the maximum on each spin. For example, a typical machine might give a £10,000 jackpot for 1 coin, a £20,000 jackpot for 2 coins and a £50,000 jackpot for 3 coins. So as you can see there is a hike in payout table for the maximum stakes per spin.

  • Check the lines

    First, you should understand the concept of a winning strategy series. Some machines can have up to 100 lines, or even more. In such cases, it is simply not enough to play with the maximum number of coins because if you play only one line, you will not win the maximum jackpot. To get the most gain, you should play with the maximum allowed money and the maximum number of lines.
    This is obviously more expensive as more lines mean more bets and thus you have to play smaller stakes.

  • Minimum bets

    When you play for real money, you should decide on how much you are going to spend on a particular session. While you cannot change the game odds, you can determine how quickly it goes through your bankroll. Because slots have a house advantage, the more money you wager, the more you stand to lose. The higher your bet is, the more money you are exposing to the house edge. The advantage to a larger bet, though, is that the machine will have a larger payout on winning spins. With that in mind, there are two theories for bet amounts.
    Some gamblers prefer to bet the minimum allowed amount so the bankroll will last longer. That allows you to play for longer using a finite amount of wagering money. It is a good strategy if you are looking to have some fun at the casino for the night.
    Players that are trying to win big money, however, opt for the second school of thought. By placing the maximum allowed bet, you will win more money on the winning spins. That will particularly come into play if you hit the jackpot, as you will only win the biggest prize if you place maximum bets.

  • Pick 5-reel slots

    To start your playing, it is better if you choose a 5-reel game.
    5-reel-slot-game.png It is easier and hassle free to learn. With numerous types of themes, lucrative images and betting sequence, such games work best for new players. Moreover, many special symbols of the slots are offered in 5-reel versions. An inevitable combination of these special symbols can help you win the game. And, the win can increase in manifolds too! Often, bonus points or bonus reward is awarded if the player wins few special symbols in a payline. This means that a 5-reel game would allow you to win a jackpot or considerable bets.

  • Play wisely

    It is always wise to play sans emotion. So, don't get disheartened when you are on a losing spree. Play with smaller bets when you are losing. On the other hand, if you see that you are winning, place more bets or bet with more money involved in it. Remember, slot games are primarily meant for enjoyment. Use the money you would not mind losing and see how you learn new tricks.

  • Hot slots are myth

    The outcome of each spin is randomly produced by a random number generator, commonly called an RNG. That is a fact for both a brick-and-mortar and online casinos. In both cases, the computer program generates hundreds of numbers every millisecond. Every number corresponds to a specific symbol on a certain position of a specific reel. The numbers that are generated at the time you push the spin button, determine the outcome of the spin.
    That is important to understand because the RNG eliminates the possibility of two slot machine myths, hot and due games. According to the myths, a slot is hot when it is on a streak where it is paying out a lot. That means it is a good to play because you are more likely to win on it. Conversely, if a game hasn't paid out in a while, people will say that the slot is due to hit. That means it is a good to play because the odds say it has to start paying out soon. Neither of the above is true.
    Because of the RNG, no slot machine is ever hot or due. Each spin is completely independent of the last, so nothing that has happened before affects the outcome of your spin. Each machine is programmed to have a specific payout rate. That rate determines your odds of winning money. Those odds are the same on every single spin no matter what happened on the last spin. Taking the same machine, your odds do not change if it has paid out ten times in a row or if it has had losing spins ten consecutive times. The odds of the next spin are not affected by prior spins.

We believe you enjoy this hints and tips page, and find the information here useful. If there is some strategic decision that you consider important and is not included on the page, please send us a note.