Starburst slot

With its retro feel and dazzling good looks, the Starburst has become a cult classic since its release in late 2012.
starburst.png Although we check online casinos since late 90's, we must admit that this is possibly one of the most addictive slots ever developed. It's a trip down memory line but with enough modern features and payout calibre to keep things up to date.
NetEnt has forged a simple yet amusing journey to possible riches with a casino slot that finishes first when it comes to pure entertainment.


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Review of Starburst casino game

As of 2010, most casino sites had amassed games that were all too similar in both appearance and how they optimised for bonus features. It was as if developers were merely changing the name of the slot and the symbols on the reels. Casino software companies had to come up with something different, Net Entertainment came up with this. They built a slot machine that paid homage to early arcade classics whilst incorporating dynamic and cutting edge variables. The result was the Starburst slot, a game with an old face but lots of new tricks with it.

  • Symbols, paylines, payout rates and reels

    Starburst has the familiar 5 reel set up going on but it works well with the 10 pay line credentials to its name. However, it's the capability of paying both ways that start giving the game its points. Most slots pay left to right, but this one pays forwards and backwards. So it's not so much 10 pay lines, but actually more like 20 winning lines. Symbols for Starburst include colourful jewels, gems and diamonds with the bar symbol representing the highest value. The wild symbol is the Starburst logo and covers reels 2, 3 and 4, but can expand to cover the entire row. The slot warrants great merit with an average payout rate of 96.1% and a maximum possible win of 50,000 coins. It's an absolute belter.

  • Features and bonus rounds

    Don't let the non-progressive nature of this slot machine lead you into thinking the payouts don't cut the mustard, this game has serious pocket potential. In fact, it's a big hitter for the non-progressive slots league if not the biggest. It just goes to show that a game doesn't need lots of symbols and features to pull off a good show. Instead, it needs those symbols and features to work together.
    The slot does this by allowing for prize winnings across both ways (pretty cool), effectively doubling your chances of winning before any wilds, re-spins or multipliers have even kicked in. But it's the expanding wild feature that is the most lucrative and rewarding aspect, here they've gone to town. If you find a wild popping up on the reels then normally what follows will put a smile on your face without problem. It's an expanding wild that also provides a free spin follow up.

  • Betting and winning limits (Including jackpots)

    Spinners will appreciate betting limits that cover the entire spectrum with a range from £0.01 to £10.00 per betting line, with a player able to bet on anything up to 10 lines. This means that you can practically free roll the game or go all out on high rolling figures with £100 spin. But let's not rush into things. The both game jackpots and maximum real money return are at 50,000 coins.

  • Control panel features

    In our review, it wouldn't be right to forget one of the most important factors, control. Playability is everything when it comes to spinning online slots and that's what Net Entertainment has given us. Simplicity is one of the main reasons that Starburst does well and we can't help but admire its honesty, remember there are not many slots that can look this clean whilst still boasting a 50,000 top coin payout rate. NetEnt has kept functionality minimum whilst giving the player the essentials to grip the game. It's less thinking and more playing and that is what we love about it. Betting levels, coin values, bet lines and even the auto play function are all readily and easily controllable.

It doesn't take much to sell one of the internet's most played slot machines but we'll add a few words anyway. NetEnt has created a glamorous yet simplistic take on the arcade era of retro gaming, a Frankenstein hybrid if you are fan of old school visuals and new age payout rates. Find a better slot that delivers at this level whilst boasting the fire power of 50,000 coins and we'll eat our hats. Discovery of the game is a welcome addition to a galaxy of slots that was in desperate need of new life.