Pop Bingo

We love a bit of Pop Bingo and when the mood takes us, we just kick back and hit autoplay on this love it or hate it game.
pop-bingo.png Whereas the odds of hitting one of the higher level paybacks on the game are slim, it's always great to see what we can get from a single bingo card. Helpfully this version comes without the possibility of other player screaming in your ear every time he or she mistakenly matches all numbers.



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So how do we get started with pop bingo and how many numbers should we be looking to match?

Well, as with most games it is relatively easy to learn, and it's not too dissimilar to standard bingo games, all that's different is that you don't have to listen to someone calling out numbers and you can leave your dauber at home.

The smallest bet you can stake on pop bingo is a dime (10 pennies) and the maximum bet is £100, but if you want the returns you've got to feed the machine with relatively healthy stakes to push up the payout table.
At the start of each game and after you've made your bet, the RNG will issue you with a bingo card and if you're not happy with it, change it, and keep changing it until you've found one that you're happy and comfortable to play with. These cards will have 15 numbers marked out of 90. The popcorn then starts to pop and bounce upwards onto the card and land on the numbers until all of your 15 numbers have been filled or there are no numbers left, whichever comes soonest. The idea of your bet is to figure how quickly your numbers will be filled. The best possible payout is coming if your numbers are filled immediately, one after the other.
In reality, we estimate that the house edge comes in at just a shade over 3%, which is quite attractive for a casino arcade game of this type.

So, more importantly, what is the lovely payout structure for this established game? Well, the following table will probably give you a better idea, now we have never seen or even ever heard of someone striking their numbers with 40 or fewer balls popped, but the end levels of this scale show that with the auto play function there's a really good chance to increase your coinage!

Number of balls / Payout

40 or less 10000
41 - 45 1000
46 - 50 100
51 - 57 50
58 - 60 10
61 - 65 5
66 - 70 4
71 - 75 2.5
76 - 80 2
81 - 82 1.75
83 - 84 1.5
85 - 86 1.25
87 - 88 0.5