Online Joker Poker

For many years, the only two versions of video poker were the games using a standard 52-card deck with absolutely nothing in the way of wild cards thrown in.
joker-poker.png The difference between these two versions was that one paid for a pair of Jacks or Better while the other required 2-pairs to earn a payout. The Joker Poker game differs from other versions mainly because it's played with a 53 card deck instead of a 52, and five of a kind hand is possible since it is a game with wild cards.

Top Joker Poker casinos

Joker Poker is not very common in online casinos these days but we have managed to find few that have it in the portfolio.

Game info

Common versions of this game with wild Jokers offers payout percentages of between 97.2% on the low end and 100.7% on the high end, making it one of the rare casino games where a player can be at the advantage. The 100.7% payback percentage is only available on a kings or better version of Joker Poker with an appropriate paytable, and it also requires play with perfect strategy.

Do you know why these joker games were developed in the first place? Well, the casinos decided to bring out something different to us. Their new toy was the Joker game, a 53-card deck with one wild card. They started out by paying for two-pair or better (like their ancient predecessors) and with a relatively low return. Of course, they were soon collecting dust in both online and land-based casinos.
True to form, the manufacturers raised the pay table to attract us more and then altered the game to pay for pairs of Aces and Kings, thereby improving the hit frequency. So now we even have Joker Wild (A, K) games paying over 100%. That Joker complicated the game immensely, so an average player like me did poorly on those machines.

Here you can see hand rankings and entire payout table for one coin bets starting with 1x payout for Kings or Better. In case you hit a natural royal flush you can expect a 750x payout on the typical online game.

Hand / Payout

Natural Royal Flush 750
Five of a Kind 200
Joker Royal Flush 100
Straight Flush 50
Four of a Kind 17
Full House 7
Flush 5
Straight 3
Three of a Kind 2
Two Pair 1
Kings or Better 1