Fantastic Four slot

A game about the team of world famous superheroes, each of which has a very different power used to fight the forces of evil. There's the Thing, Mr Fantastic, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman“, all of which would be worthy of an online slot on their own. However, put the Fantastic Four together in the form of the slot and you know you're in for four-times the fun and games!
fantastic-four.png This is another addition to the world-leading Marvel collection that instantly takes you back to a time when comic books delivered the kind of thrills money can't buy these days. You'll instantly be submerged into the stories you've loved all your life, you'll reconnect with the characters and there is always the chance you'll come out of the deal better-off as well.
It was originally one of the more obscure Marvel titles which never really shared the same fanatical following as characters like the Hulk, Iron Man, or the crime fighting team of the X-Men. The comic never received the attention lavished on other Marvel titles until a few years ago, when big screens saw the arrival of a Hollywood adaptation of this classic comic into a film, wowing a new generation. With so many slot machines available on the market, it was only going to be a matter of time before some gaming company put two and two together, making a Fantastic Four game.


Free play

This game offers 3 levels of progressive jackpots to be won, and you can choose between the version with 20 or 50 lines. You can set bets from 1p to £500 a spin and pick your feature from a choice of 5 thrilling free spin rounds!
play-fantastic-four-fullscreen.jpg One of the unique traits players love about this slot is the way in which there are multiple wild symbols and€“ each of the main characters is a wild symbol. What this means for players is the ability to create winning lines so much easier than would normally be possible with a single wild symbol.

If you are lucky enough to hit four logos, which chances are you will at some point, you'll be taken to the bonus round where the sky is the limit! This is where you'll be promoted to take your pick from the famous baddies from the story, which will trigger a number of free spins you can use to defeat your enemy and take home a serious cash prize.
The use of free spins rather than a fully interactive bonus round makes the Fantastic Four a bit different from the rest of the slots from the Marvel series.

Try it now and find out what makes it a winner.

Review of the Playtech slot game Fantastic Four

The game developer came up with a formula for this slot which is so universal in its appeal, you'll love it even if you've never even heard of the characters! It is a standard five-reel slot, but as with the rest of the series, there is nothing standard about the experience. Right off the bat, the Fantastic Four is linked to the larger Marvel slots progressive system, which means those sought-after jackpots can be absolutely out of this world.

The game is played on up to 50 pay lines across 5 reels. You can bet as little as 1p per line to a maximum of £10 giving this machine a max bet of £500 per spin for the big slot Things out there. You'll light up like a Human Torch when you see the excellent graphics on offer from this game, as you'd expect very little else other than the best visual display from a slot associated with comic book masters Marvel. The audio effects are right on the money too with just the right level of enhancing the game but never, ever overpowering the player with an unnecessary racket. Like many games on the online market today, this one features an auto spin function so you can watch the reels spin away or even set to play in the background so that you can multitask like the Invisible Woman.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that there will be only four bonus features, thanks to the title, but developers from Playtech have gone one better with five features. Each bonus game is based on the four original characters from the comic book series with the addition of the gang's nemesis, Dr Doom, as the character giving the fifth game its focus. Each of the games award a free spin feature where the wins are doubled, tripled, or even (in the case of The Thing's bonus game) multiplied by a factor that depends on exactly where you stop those reels. The bonus games are activated by scattering in 3 or more Fantastic Four symbols in view, and you'll be delighted to know that you can choose which one of the characters best suits your style as you try for the bigger wins on offer from this machine. The only bad point with the bonus games is that there is no nested one, as the bonus reels don't feature the scatter win symbol, meaning that it can't be retriggered inside itself.

Some say the game is closer to the standard slot machines of old than the more advanced video slots of today, which makes it a prize-pick in the eyes of those looking for a classic experience with a modern twist. That being said, the quality of the graphics and the sounds are still right up there with the best in the business and all the usual conveniences like auto-play are there at your disposal.

This is an ideal game for the novice as the bonuses are incredibly easy to play, meaning beginners can relax in the knowledge that they're getting the maximum possible from the bonus without feeling like they might be losing out from not having all the insider knowledge. As with most you'll find across the range, it also represents an excellent starting point for newcomers because stakes can be as low as you like and pay-out rates are excellent. And even if you don't leave the experience better off financially, chances are you'll have had a great time and be back for more!