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Was an interesting beast for the online world to wrap its mind around, mostly because of the ways in which it beats Jacks or Better.
deuces-wild.png Deuces Wild plays just like any other video poker machine, but it is a wild card variation where all deuces are wild. This means that they will replace other cards to help you create a better hand. This difference has significant effects on both the appropriate strategy for the game and the payouts, but we will cover this differences later.
Although it comes second when popularity is in question, the people that love it will play it exclusively, so we have published few versions for you to try.

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Deuces Wild is very common game in online casinos and those are our favourites.

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The main failing is the fact that the payout percentages tend to be quite abysmal in comparison to the offline game. With perfect strategy, it was possible to find offline games that had a payout percentage of 102%. This means that over a long term period, you could end up winning money over time. There are in fact people that make their living playing Deuces Wild eight hours a day and seven days a week and while it can be quite difficult at times, some of them excelled at it in the offline world.
This is not possible in the online world. The payouts for the different hands on maximum coins per hand have been changed enough that 97% or 98% would be the maximum payout percentage. This dramatic decrease in payout percentage is a big criticism of the online game, but it is deemed necessary by casinos to protect themselves against automated programs playing perfect strategy and taking the money home.
The payouts on Deuces Wild begin with 3 of a kind and go up from there.
The royal flush is still the highest paying hand in this variation, although 4 deuces will also provide you with a sort of mini jackpot. Also, one of the exciting things about Deuces Wild is that you'll see a four of a kind once every 15 hands or so on average. The payout on the 4 of a kind amounts to over 1/3 of the total payback on this game.
Payback tables vary even more dramatically than in J&B, but the game actually offers a 100.8% payback on a full pay machine, which is even better than the 99.5% offered by full pay J&B. These full pay machines still require perfect strategy to achieve that payback percentage. Since full pay game is so hard to find, there is the 2nd category of paybacks called Not So Ugly or NSU (The phrase was coined by game expert author Skip Hughes). The return for NSU is 99.7%.

strategy-chart-deuces-wild.png Memorising a perfect strategy might be more work than you're willing to commit to, but you can get a decent return by using a simpler one without giving up a high percentage of expectation.
For example, remember that the high card does not exist unless it's a deuce. Also, keep in mind that it doesn't matter do you have a draw for royal flush or another hand, because the deuce is a card you won't discard. Of course, those are not all tips, but you can save the image above to get an easier insight into the strategy.