Casino Holdem

Play fun-filled innovative kind of Texas Holdem poker!
casino-holdem-table.png This novel form of 5-card poker is simple to learn and a total delight to play. What's totally cool about Casino Holdem is that you are only competing against the live dealer or random number generator, depending on your preferences. Therefore, you need not trouble yourself with other players. This is the main difference from standard Texas Hold'em where reading other players tendencies is fundamental. However, as you are only playing against a house, in Casino Hold'em the range of choices is considerably narrower.


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To commence playing of Casino Holdem, enter your bet on the ANTE area and click the DEAL button. Two hole cards are then given to each player, and three community cards (known as the flop) are placed facing up in the middle of the layout. At this point, the contestant chooses to either FOLD or CALL. Folding causes you to forfeit your cards and ante.
Afterwards, two more cards are dealt into the middle of the table, followed by the House revealing their hand. Both you and the dealer shall make your top poker hands from your dual hole cards and five community cards. The object is to make a greater poker hand than the House.
To even qualify, the dealer needs a 5-card poker hand that is equal to a two 4's or greater. If the flop already shows at least this situation, afterwards you know that the house will qualify so your bets will be paid out in full should you win.

An AA side bet is optional whereby you gamble on whether the first five cards dealt (including your two cards and the initial three flop cards) comprise a two Aces or greater.

Your best possible hand is automatically built for you.

To start the action click on the chips to pick them. Afterwards, click the AA and Ante circles located on the table to destination your bets. Each click augments your gamble by the chip value, and right-clicking decreases the bet. You may also click to clear bets and remove them all from the table and begin again.
Now click the Deal button. The dealer and you will be given two cards (the dealers are positioned face-down). Three cards are then dealt to the flop. Should the cards you see comprise a Poker hand, the sort of the hand is revealed to you. If by chance, you've got a pair of Aces or greater, you win the AA side bet.
Now you must decide to call and continue playing, or fold and walk away from your bets.
You have to call to collect your AA side bet winnings. If you fail to do so, you'll lose your AA bet even if you've got a valid hand.
The last 2 cards are now dealt to the flop and the dealer reveals his cards. If your hand is greater than the House's, you win the hand and your Ante and Call bets are returned to you, plus your winnings. If your hand loses, you kiss your bets goodbye. Should you wish to play another round, just press the new game button. Then place your bets and click the deal button.

In case you need further clarification of rules open this image.


Because of the unique rules, the strategy you can use in Casino Hold'em is very simple and yet significantly different from other games. First, you no longer have to bother with trying to get accurate reads on your opponents or about moves like bluffing and semi-bluffing. The dealer rarely if ever gives tells and will always call a qualifying hand. This leads to the most obvious strategy – you should never call on less than the dealer would play with. For example, if you have only unsuited, non-consecutive cards in the hole.

On the other hand, because the game is more straightforward and you are only competing with one opponent you will be playing more hands. A player set on winning should fold no more than one out of five times. Any pair, any outs for a straight or flush, or any two over cards in the hole are good for calling. After the flop, if there is any pair of 4's or higher on the table, then you know the dealer has qualified and your bets will be paying off.

Some tables offer a side bet option for the flop. This bet must be placed with the ante and will be paid out depending on the five card combination composed of your hole cards and the flop cards.

The house advantage in this game is a little over 2% with a 6.25% edge on side bets. As always, your motivation as a player is to reduce this edge as much as possible. The more you play, the better feel you'll get for the unique features of the game, and will be able to devise a more advanced strategy for narrowing the house advantage.