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When we find out about any new variant, it gets our attention.
aces-and-faces.png It doesn't matter if we see it firsthand, if we read an article about it, or even get a glimpse of it on some chat board. Every new video poker version is a new challenge. Our minds start rolling on the best ways to analyse the game, see if some angle was missed somewhere along the line. On the one hand, we all enjoy the thrill of playing casino games. On the other, we love even more the thrill of a mathematical challenge.
Although hardly a new game, Aces and Faces is relatively new to many players. The big perk to playing free versions here is that mistakes won't cost you a penny. So go ahead and practice or learn more in the game info section.


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Game info

This game offers specific payouts when you hit an Aces Four of a Kind (80 credits) or Four of a Kind for the face cards Jacks, Queens and Kings (40 credits).
The strategy is heavily weighted towards four-of-a-kinds because, for example, the straight flush is only worth 50x the bet. In many other games, the straight flush pays out at 200x of the original bet. Because you have more solid chances of hitting the four of a kind, it's better to take a shot at getting cards of the same rank.
paytable-aces-and-faces.png Four 2's to 10's also pay off handsomely in the game with 25x the bet, meaning this set pays a half of a straight flush. Once again, it pays to go aggressively for the 2's to 10's Four of a Kind.
The Royal Flush, like in most games, pays out the most money. In Aces and Faces, you'll win the standard 500x the bet when you hit it. That's the double Royal Flush from the standard game. In fact, besides a few changes in the pay schedule, Aces & Faces plays a lot like Jacks or Better (JoB). You won't see any wildcards in this game.
One major difference between A&F and JoB is the low-end payouts. Just like in JoB, you get paid for anything over a pair of Jacks. You might have droughts in this game, where you are feeding the machine coins. Those droughts won't be any larger than in JoB, though.
As a matter of fact, the bonus payouts on the Four of a Kind makes up for the losing hands. This full pay version of Aces and Faces pays at around 97.3%. That's one of the most solid pay rates you'll find at the casino.
The coin options are anywhere from £0.01 to £25, and those are a minimum and maximum values when we compare this game between the top software providers. We would suggest playing the maximum bets as a matter of course, so choose the coin option that best suits your bankroll.

It is a game with a lot of volatility, due to the lack of low money payouts and the increased number of high ones. So when you play it, remember to stay patient and play on a scale that your bankroll can handle.