Online 10's or Better

The minimum poker hand needed for a payout in this game variant is a pair of tens. tens-or-better.png The payout for the full house (5) and flush (6) is smaller than at Jacks or Better (9/6), but the overall playing strategy is the same. Although you won't see wild cards in 10's or Better it is a lot of fun to play and the simplicity allows to focus on basic winning strategies. Whether you want to improve your skills so you can win more, or you simply just want to kill some time, this version of video poker game offer the fix.

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Game info

This game with a 52 card deck is named Tens or Better because the lowest payout start with a Pair of Tens hand. Therefore you will be winning payouts more often at this machine than the similar, but you get paid fewer payouts for 4 of a kind, full house and flush hands.
To play, choose the size of your bet, and our advice is the maximum number of coins. Otherwise, you won't be able to win the biggest prizes. After pressing the deal button, the machine assigns five random cards. Choose cards to keep according to our strategy chart on the bottom of this page. Then click the hold sign underneath the card. By pressing draw button (on some versions is deal button), you will get new random cards instead the ones that are not held. Then you finally have some kind of a poker hand. The total winnings amount depends on the strength of your poker hand.
When you win a hand, most games offer to double your winnings by choosing a double option. If you draw a higher value card than the machine, you receive the double of your previous winning. If you draw a lower value card than the machine, you lose your previous winning. If you won, usually you have an option for a further doubling until you decide to stop or lose all your bets.

We have an image with Tens or Better strategy chart on what you should be holding in the standard game.
The chart list goes from best to the worst starting hands. To use the chart simply step down the list and when a rule coincides with your poker hand, it will show you which cards to hold for the maximum return.
NOTE: To resize the chart click on above image and you will be served a bigger one.