Casino War

Perhaps you remember playing that old card game "War" as a youngster? Even though you're a grown-up now, you can continue to play this very lively game from the comfort of your very own home.
casino-war-table.png It may be slightly humorous for some gamblers to see it in a casino for the first time if never knowing it was such a popular game to begin with. And just as popular, or ubiquitous as is in the land-based casino, it is probably even more popular online.
Now, playing Casino War online is merely a few clicks away, just as game rules, betting structure and odds, in case you need to refresh the memory.



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Casino War is quite possibly the simplest game you can play. Aside from being able to count and recognise the difference between jacks, queens, kings, there's no required skill. This, of course, renders the game as a highly attractive for folks to play, especially when hoping to gamble without the need to think too hard.

For the start, we would like to mention that each of the cards is ranked same as in poker so aces are the highest, followed by kings, queens, jacks, 10's, 9's etc. Suits do not matter.

Each bettor, including the dealer, is dealt one card facing up. Again, the cards are ranked according to their face value with aces being highest. In situations where your card is higher than the House's, you are declared the winner, and naturally vice versa. In situations where your card ties the dealer's card, you may choose to either go to "War" against the dealer (you'll need to double your first bet) or "Surrender" by giving up 50% of your original bet.
If you go to "War", you are dealt another card face up and so too is the dealer. If your 2nd card is greater than the dealer's 2nd card, you win your original bet. If the dealer's 2nd card is higher than yours, the house champions both wagers. In cases of another tie, your doubled bet is paid out one to one.
You're free to also bet on a tie. Doing so and if win, pays a nice ten to one.

While the regulations for Casino War are what they once were when we were kids, the difference is that you now have the opportunity to bank some real money, as well as plenty of it. Again, tie wagers payout 10 to 1, which, incidentally, is not the type of break made available by too many casino sites. Also remember, six decks of cards are employed in the online version, not one.
To bet, you simply click the chip you want and then click on a betting area on the table. In order to augment your wager click on any chips placed upon the table already. To lessen your bet, all you do is hold down the "Shift" button situated on your keyboard and then on the chips you want to remove.
Yup, it's that easy.